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Default IronPython and .Net Assemblies containing unmanaged code

Hi guys, I have problems referencing a dot net assembly containing unmanaged C++ code (IOError: System.IOException: file does not exist: <path><filename>.dll) As I do not encounter these problems with my pure C# libraries I suspect the reason may be the 'unmanaged' nature of some of my C code. Has anyone encountered similar problems? Does anyone have an idea how to fix this problem? I'd be grateful for any feedback..

Addendum (2010-11-29):

Having done some more analysis on my problem, I feel comfortable in stating that the problem does not seem to stem from the unmanaged nature of some of my C++ code, but rather from use of C++ code in general. No matter how I compile my code (pure dot net, mixed, or 'classic' C++), the libraries can't seem to be referenced using IronPython's clr.AddReferenceToFile("..") command. For C#-authored libraries, by contrast, I don't encounter these problems.

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