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I have a similar problem but i think i have yours solved.

In Openfire, hit Group Chat -> Create New Room

let's say your roomID is "public" and room name is "public"
leave the password field blank
fill in the rest however you would like

when you go to login, use your JID like normal
your normal password for that username as dictated by openfire
for chatroom you put in (for this case where you made the room known as "public")
and the nick can be anything

you should be able to see yourself in the admin panel.

However, the problem I have is that nothing happens in the actual chatroom!

Openfire says i'm in the room and that other people are in the room, but groupie does not retrieve and display the messages. I have logged into my account on pidgin and joined the chatroom through pidgin. When i type messages in groupie, they show up in the chatroom on pidgin, so I know that the server and the room setup is correct. There is something amiss in the code that I haven't pinpointed yet. Good luck.