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Originally Posted by bberrevoets View Post

The problem is i think, that your project is not in the Robotics studio directory, but in the visual studio directory.
Try create the services inside the Robotics studio directory, then i think it is working.
Thank you for the response. I redid it in the path:

C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Microsoft Robotics Dev Studio 2008 R3\Projects\ServiceB

It then ran without the DssHost error and created a config file, serviceb.config.xml, but it kept "creating" it every time and writing over any changes I made. Until I added the middle line here:

[InitialStatePartner(Optional = true, ServiceUri = "ServiceB.Config.xml")]
ServiceBState _state = new ServiceBState();
On page 129 of ProMRDS it says that you can load from either the [InitialStatePartner] or the manifest, but even after adding the manifest code above (and copy-and-pasted from the example code), I couldn't get it to work without the [InitialStatePartner] line.

Also, I would like to figure out how to force it to create the config.xml file while I'm in a different directory. Unless that's just impossible.