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I'm seeing this behavior yet again. There must be something wrong with my system. In this case, I was performing the Try it Out exercise starting on page 49. I created the first aspx page, added the label & code and ran it in a browser. I then added the second page (Inline.aspx) and was unable to add a label control (or any other). I tried adding the aspx code instead of using dragging and dropping. I pasted the following into the Inline.aspx file between the two div tags:

<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>

When I switched to design view, instead of the label I saw the following error message:

Error creating control: hresult e_fail has been returned from a call to a com component

I've Googled this and not found a solution. It seems this happens when I run a project and then try to add controls to it afterword. If I save the project, close and then reopen VS10 I'm able to add controls again.

This is going to get REAL tedious if I'm going to have to close and reopen Visual Studio after ever test run of a project. I hope someone here can give me a tip as to what the problem is.
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