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Originally Posted by Imar View Post
You could file a bug report on
I've just tried. After 30 minutes of repeatedly being told to first, sign up for a bloody Windows Live ID (used to have one but they seem to have forgotten about it) I signed up for a new one and started the process over. It then told me I needed to open a Microsoft Connect account. So I did. And started the process over once again. And am now AGAIN told that I need to open a Microsoft Connect account to continue. Rinse, wash, repeat.

At this point I'm feeling pretty much like a rat in a maze that probably doesn't really have any cheese at the end. I give up. If I made it this hard for my customers to contact me about problems with my software... well... I guess I'd not be bothered with supporting my customers.

None of the above is your fault of course. Thanks for responding. Guess I'll wait for Visual Studio 11.
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