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Default Little error in the SqlDataProvider script of WROX.Suggestion

Needing to get a grasp quickly on module development, I've downloaded the source version of WROX.Suggestion.

Setting it up failed in the execution of the script for the creation of new tables. By executing the instructions in 02.00.00.SqlDFataProvider, I could narrow down the problem to 2 stored procedures: WROX_GetSuggestionModulesAllTabs and WROX_GetSuggestionModulesThisTab. closer inspection of the code for the creation of those 2 stored procedures revealed that the colomn ModuleTitle is looked up in the table dbo.Modules where in fact it is a column of the table dbo.TabModules.

Replacing 3 occurrences of 'm.ModuleTitle' with 'tm.ModuleTitle' resolves the error.