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Read the *FULL* sub-query:
    FROM Customers AS C INNER JOIN Orders AS O
    ON ( O.customerID=C.customerID AND C.State='NY' )
The vendorID is *NOT* coming from the Customers's coming from the Orders table. Perhaps it would have been less confusing if I had written that at
    FROM Orders AS O INNER JOIN Customers AS C
    ON ( O.customerID=C.customerID AND C.State='NY' )
but the order the tables appear is not important for an INNER join.


Access almost surely can't handle that query, as is, because it would be too complex for its tiny brain.

But what you can do is take that inner query (the one posted just above in *this* message) and STORE it in Access. That is, bring up Access, create a new query in design mode, SQL view. Then save the query under an easy to remember name. Say you save it as "NYVendors".

Then you simply USE that query AS IF IT IS A TABLE in the main query, thus:
SELECT vendorName 
FROM Vendors  
WHERE vendorID NOT IN (  SELECT VendorID FROM NYVendors )
ORDER BY vendorName
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