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I cannot thank you enough for helping me out here. That is just what I needed (for you to go through one of the queries step by step)!

I have been programming C# for about 5 months now, and I would call myself intermediate in that at the moment. I think I should be in a position to advance to a higher level in SQL quite quickly... I hope :).

SQL looks quite simple on the face of it, but it's not until you start properly trying to learn it that you see that that isn't necessarily always the case.

As for the queries that took up 4 to 5 pages...woah. I would love to see those! What sort of queries are they? My naive SQL mind can't even imagine what you would be querying for it to take up that many pages :).

Anyway, thanks again, you couldn't have helped me out anymore if you tried.

See you around no doubt :).
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