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Default Generating Client Code

I am stuck on Step 4 on page 42 (Chpt.2) It says to use the svcutil or the reference service option to generate the client code. But, I ran the svcutil in the previous step and generated the three files, but what do I do with them now? It doesnt state how exactly one uses these files to generate the proxy for the client. I am stumped. Please help!!!

BTW, I created a new project for the client (seperate from the service class). Also in the figure 2.6 Client Code where is this assembly:

using Wrox.CarRentalService.ConsoleClient.CarRentalProxy ;

It never mentions creating this assembly anywhere in the book. But now it says to reference it? Whats in this file and how does it relate to the client code. Tried for 2 days trying to figure this out. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advanced. Have a merry xmas and happy holidays all.
-Argbyle Ghost
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