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Default Chapter 16 - Try it Out Checking Roles with IsUserInRole at Runtime

I have completed this excersie, but i cannot see the results as expected.

It does not display the delete buttom under the pictures within the album.
I am signed in as a Manager role. When I click on Edit Album link. i see the fields where i can upload new pic in the album , and it does not display any existing pics.

Here is my code in Default.aspx in PhotoAlbums Folder

protected void ListView1_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)
      if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(DropDownList1.SelectedValue))
        EditLink.NavigateUrl = string.Format("~/ManagePhotoAlbum.aspx?PhotAlbumId={0}", DropDownList1.SelectedValue);
        EditLink.Visible = true;
        EditLink.Visible = false;

Here is the code in ManagePhotAlbum.aspx
I debugged this page by putting a break point on switch statement, and saw that it does not go pass the switch statement, that means the deletebutton visible is not executed at all.

protected void ListView1_ItemCreated(object sender, ListViewItemEventArgs e)
    switch (e.Item.ItemType)
      case ListViewItemType.DataItem:
        Button deleteButton = (Button)e.Item.FindControl("DeleteButton");
        deleteButton.Visible = Roles.IsUserInRole("Managers");
Thanks for your help in advance
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