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Originally Posted by ebmudder View Post
Sorry to hear that...I like the format of the book and want to work through it, so I hope I don't get hung up on too many typos :(

I already gave up on "Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC" because it was more out of date than this book. If we all went on ScottGu's blog and complained about the lack of support here, I'm sure he'd be proactive about it.
Bah don't worry. It was a personnal choice. I know ScottGu is a guru in ASP.NET MVC and i wish i could keep the book but i really hate to hurt a wall in a book. Since he is a guru and well known dude in the domain this is quite a surprise to see a book with so many typos coming from him. I just didnt expected that.. furthermore... he rated 5 star some other book that i won't name here but this one seem to be liked by many so i will give it a try.