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ah! I didn't realise that, didn't even think that I had changed anything in the control, as a result of my actions. It really does feel like I'm "hacking the application", the way Visual Studio makes me work. Very odd feeling.

You know, three years ago next month, I posted I'd be going down to Borders and buying your book (I just checked out some of my old posts) in order to learn about Visual Studio. In the end I gave up and decided to stick to classic asp and also learn Linux/LAMP, because I couldn't figure out how to "break the controls open" in order to get at labels, texts, datasources etc etc... I just didn't think Visual Studio was for me.

Now I'm back at it, have to use it to create my 'proof of concept' site and, I think I'm actually beginning not to hate it (mostly thanks to reading your and your fellow authors' posts here, much better than following a video like a monkey, as a few people advised me to do).

Is there an intermediate level book that you would recommend, I tend to learn the beginner's stuff from messing with the code myself but where I come unstuck is in things like the above, which you're only going to know to expect if you understand the tool well (which I obviously do not).

I'm comfortable with setting up multi-page queries, session variables, "hacking" the login/roles controls in order to generate roles-specific content etc... I'm quite ignorant on the security implications of most of what I do, I have no real understanding of how the controls are created (and, as such, what the proper way is to extend them and to integrate them together for complex solutions).

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