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Hi metajack and badinar,
first of all thanks for your answers.

The best solution for this problem is to setup your own XMPP server...
Yes you are completely right. I had problems connecting to my own XMPP server (Openfire with activated http-bind) and that is why I needed metajacks BOSH-Server to verify if it is a problem with Openfire or if it is caused by my programming. In fact it was a problem with the http-bind of Openfire.
Now im using:
Strophy(without any plugins) <-> Punjab (Standalone BOSH-Server)<->Openfire
and it is working fine. I hope this will help all the people searching for a solution to make Openfire work with Strophe.

As far as I can tell it hasn't been down for quite some time. My guess is that there was a routing issue somewhere that prevented your systems from reaching it?
It is possible that there was a routing issue. I tried to reach the server from home and from my University with no success. Maybe it was some local routing problem in germany.

Anyway now it is working again, so there is no problem anymore.
Thanks and with best regards