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Which you can do with StructureMap for example, where you can specify multiple concrete implementations for an interface, identified by a string like that.
I guess that part of an IoC container (or at least StructureMap) is really (a lot like) a Service Locator.

But you did make things clearer. Thanks very much. Best book I read for quite some time by the way. Keep up the good work.

I think you have a very valid point with the blurring of definitions over time. It's good we have names for design patterns, so we have a vocabulary to talk about them, but I guess at least some of them have been miss-interpreted along the way resulting in a couple of mismatches between what most people think now and what the original definition is (or has been). Most of the time discussions about these things are just syntactical, and we should have a better look at what we're trying to do. :)
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