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Default Server-Side SQL Trace

Hello all,

I tried to analyse a process ouf our merchandise management system with the help of the modified PerfStatsScripts which are provided through this site.
I used the SQLDiagPerfStats_SQLNexus.XML. I know that a lot of data is gathered then.
My problem is that the process (or better the app initiating the process) I want to analyse times out when SQL:StmtStarting and SQL:StmtCompleted are gathered as well.
But I am interested in these data among the other.
So, how can I tweek the SQL Trace (or maybe provide additional Ressources to the VM hosting the SQL Server) to get all necessary information for SQLNexus to analyse. I need to take a look at Unique Statements Report. Unique Batches do not provide enough inofrmation in this case.