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Originally Posted by nightattheroxy View Post
Did anyone proofread the NerdDinner chapters??

Code doesn't match up with text. Missing code. No namespaces in examples.

For example the Helpers folder is not even mentioned...ANYWHERE.

The download code is a waste...copy of wrong code in book.

This book is a turd with stink, flush it.

two words for you....PROOF - READ
three more...DO - NOT - BUY
I completely agree with that, although I think in some way is good to have some typos here and there because in that way you can dig a little more and force you to understand better by exploring some solutions by your own, at the end this book it is supposedly to be:

a) A tutorial (as a matter of fact the almost official tutorial because it comes from the ASP.NET MVC 2 MS team), so at least the NerdDinner has to be bug -free because when it went to public, this book was at that time, one of the few references on this framework.

b) Bug free, let me say that I got v1 of this book and now I got the 2nd edition, I mean I tried to follow it when the name was just ""Professional ASP.NET MVC" but it contained several errors, so I though "ok no problem let it pass the framework (and the book) to a more mature stage", then I got "Professional ASP.NET MVC-2" => the framework has evolved to V 2.0, so I though the book will be better written ( at least with complete proven code ) but than IS not the case.

In my humble opinion I guess it is a shame that the ASP.NET MVC-2 team consider this kind of errors minor mistakes.

Try to follow the same flag tutorial when you purchase "Agile Web Development with Rails" by The Pragmatic Programmers and although the book also contains errors, many developers, forums and the editors themselves tries to help the new comers to Ruby On Rails, so you can feel confident about the framework and about the book; At the end you got a complete App based on RoR and a general understanding of the principles and architecture of the framework.
They also tried to include the minimum prerequisites on the language and on infrastructure at the beginning of the book so you can go hand by hand learning Ruby and learning Rails at the same time.

They put complete code and explanation and when there is a typo you can find an apology in the forum and guidance to solve the problem.

Hope this opinion helps other when purchasing this book.