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Default Sort by a composite key

Hi guys, it's me again

Thanks for your great help!

Now I'm really going to test your great knowledge on XSLT

I have this kind of tag construction:
<pagelet-slot-assignment id="PonAqOKB2ecAAAEtjkAaBHrO">
    <pagelet id="cmp_20100822_182608" domain="LeviStrauss-Dockers"></pagelet>
    <slot definition-name="slots.main.pagelet2-slotContent" parent-pagelet-id="pg_20100826_194641" domain="LeviStrauss-Dockers"></slot>
    <valid-from>08/26/10 07:46:00 pm</valid-from>
Note that the id="PonAqOKB2ecAAAEtjkAaBHrO" is auto generated
Therefore I need to sort by the combination of attributes pagelet@id and slot@parent-pagelet-id:
pagelet-slot-assignment/pagelet/@id (the "id" attribute of the pagelet tab of the pagelet-slot-assignment tab), and

The key is a composite of both attributes, avoiding the upper autogenerated id (pagelet-slot-assignment id="PonAqOKB2ecAAAEtjkAaBHrO")

Is it possible to sort it that way?

Many thanks!
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