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Hi Bob,
I must pretty much echo my last comment. I believe I'm following what you're saying, though, again, I think it will have much more meaning for me when I'm more advanced, have a greater familiarity w/ the overall environment & can more readily place things in context. I am trying to balance the work-through-the-steps learning of the book w/ reading enough but not too much of the documentation along the way. One of the things which I feel could be better in this book is if it were to point out more specifically in its text which methods are being written from scratch & which are a utilization of the platform. One can work it out by digging back through & checking w/ the option+mouseOver of course, but I think many beginners will not think of this. Further, I think it's rather a missed opportunity--an elucidation of the reasoning behind added methods could help greatly w/ learning. OTOH, there's only so much one can include, :)

I'm almost mixed on looking at your project; I think it's likely a bit much for me w/ how far along I am w/ iOS. Yet I don't want lose track of it & fail to come back to it. Hmm...

In any case, I look forward to your book... You are writing one, right?
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