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Default Access Forms - Sub Forms Controls


Issue - Unable to choose a different values (status) for each record in a subform

Business Hierarchy
I have a list of Cases.
Each case can have multiple Loans.
Each loan has multiple attributes.
Attributes can have 'Original' value and 'Updated' Value

Form Hierarchy

Form 1 - Lists all the cases
Form 2 - (A bound sub form, continuous form view) - This form correctly lists all loans corresponding to the Case selected in from 1 (Driven by the On Current Event of Form 1).

I have added unbound combobox control (to specify status of a loan) in the subform that is repeated for each loan in the Form 2, by virtue of the Continuous form. When I select a value from the combo box against Loan 1, the same value for the combo box is repeated for all Loans in the sub form

I want to assign a different status for each loan in the subform using the combo box.

Is this possible at all.

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