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Question Moving up from VB5 to VB 2010

I've been programming in VB5 for several years and have decided it's time to move up to VB 2010. The environment looks tantalizingly familiar but totally foriegn at the same time. I'm a little daunted. Two questions to start:

1) In VB5 you can build a form in one project and reuse it in another by copying two files (FORM.frm and FORM.frx). How do you do this in VB 2010, there doesn't seem to even be an option to "Add Existing Form"? Also once you add a form, how do you remove it?

2) In VB5 you can Dim objects as Database, RecordSet, and QueryDef and using an SQL string create a QueryDef that will load a Recordset from a Database and in code manipulate the resulting Recordset. How can I do basically the same thing in VB 2010?
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