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Default Something strange - anyone know what this is? (pls. see screen shot)

I am working on chapter 3 (at end of pg. 71). I tested the app and did not receive any errors. However, something is strange. There seems to be an extra first letter (or partial letter) before the product name and manufacturer name (maybe an extra label hidden underneath?…But, no, I did *not* add any extra labels).

I wanted to attach the screen shot here, but this site says "Only Wrox Staff, Authors, and technical editors are allowed to post attachments (for example code files related to their book) and pictures." So, I had to upload the screen shot to the following location...

Does anyone know what might cause this? Or even what it is called?

I would be grateful for any help at all. Thanks!

P.S. I did follow the book exactly, except for one thing. On pg. 66, the book says to use the downloaded project. I downloaded the project and determined it was the same as what we had been doing, only through pg. 61. Since I had a copy of my own project that went through page 61, I opted to use that one instead (I made various comments to myself in mine and wanted to keep them). Other than that, I followed the book exactly.