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Many thanks for your response, sadly I am pretty sure that MS's suggestions just don't apply this time.

The report in question is the only one in the reports collection that I cannot copy or 'Save As' - even to another 'external' database. The report is a 'letter' which is populated from a table which is 'filled' by code prior to printing the report - like a mail merge. The report itself has no modules and only one or two text boxes which combine one or two fields to form part of a sentence.

I thought the problem might be that I was trying to change and save the report text while the source table was empty: but no! The only thing I have found so far is a hidden (visible property set to No) text box that was, for a reason that I cannot remember, associated with but remote from a label that was visible and placed behind a picture. I removed the text box and its associated label: I can now save the changes I have made to the report - but I still cannot copy it!

The report is part of an Access 97 application, but 2002 and 2003 versions also suffer from the same error. Access 2007 is the only version I have tried that seems to be immune, although I'm not convinced that it is working correctly.