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Hi Folks,

I found the solution to my problem and thought I would share it with you in case it rings any bells for anyone else. Despite the error message being presented it doesn't appear to me to be anything to do with File Sharing, File or Record Locking or anything like that.

The particular report (a mailmerge letter wholly contained within MS Access) included an embedded graphic image that formed the 'Letter Heading'. My problem went away when I changed that graphic (a .jpeg) from embedded to linked!

Of course, we gained other advantages like being able to revise the graphic without rebuilding the report as well as the downside of the report taking a little longer to build at run-time.

There must be a, as yet unfound or undocumented, maximum size for a report in Access versions earlier than 2007.

Hope this might help someone else; it has made me rethink how I attack some report designs from now on.