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Default Using Visual Studio Net With Beg ASP.NET

I can not get my dropdownlist to display data.

I created a webform connected to a access db via OLEDB JET4.0

Created a OleDbConnection1

Created a OleDataAdapter1 Using Generate Dataset

Created DsLogin1 from table tblLoginInfo via query build

From the toolbox I added a dropdownlist to the form and in the properties I changed

DataMember: tblLoginInfo

DataSources: Login1

DataTextField: EmpID

DataValueField: EmpID

I assume this is a databind issue, so is this a property setting some where or code that I have to add?

If you know a walkthrough that shows this please point me in the right direction.

I have several books on .net (WROX), but none use VS .net examples.


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