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Default Question regarding MVC patters. Chap 10

Hi Jon, Scott

Great book and has really got me thinking differently about application design. One area I'm struggling to really see the benefit over how im already working is the chapter and example on MVC.

I understand the concept of removing the business logic from the presentation layer and making it indipendent, reusable and testable, but the way i currently design websites already achieves this, but without any exposure to MVC methods.

I generally create a sepearte Class library which contains business classes and then invoke them from code behind file. Based on the example in Chap 10 I would have a Class named MortgageCalculator that had a Calculate method that accepted the 3 values and returned the calculation. From code behind id then instantiate that class and pass in the values of the text fields directly. This method requires significantly less complexity whilst allowing the MortgageCalculator class to be reused and tested independently of the UI.

Am I missing some critical point that would explain the benefot over the MVC method used in the book?

Many thanks