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Question Trouble getting form to appear - VB 2010

I have an app with two forms and one code module. The first form is initiated when the app is loaded and obtains the search file path and name. It then calls a subroutine in the code module to set an event when this file appears and then the app goes to sleep. When the event is triggered by the arrival of the file, the code module then initiates a new thread calling the processing subroutine in the second form. That routine reads the input file and sets the stats for the file in the second form and is supposed to display that information to the user who either accepts the file or rejects it.
I am getting the event triggered and even entering the code in the second form and processing the file, but I cannot get the second form to display with the information. I have tried activating the form, showing the form, refreshing the form, but nothing thus far has worked. Does anyone have examples of initiating a form from a new thread outside of that form and having the form appear?