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Thats a shame - in my opinion the format of these books is perfect, and the descriptive style of 2.0 I found particularly engaging and easy to read. Most books are too wordy/dry/lacking real world scenarios etc. I learn best by example, and by also having the reasoning behind the design patterns / UI patterns chosen to solve the real world problems, as well as those considered and rejected, I find more valuable than the nuts and bolts code (though its still handy to focus on the new stuff). Web development covers such a broad range of skills required (IIS, SQL, intranets, extranets, project management methodologies and artefacts, architecture/design patterns, authentication/security, UI design/patterns, graphics skills, CSS, javascript, etc etc). I understand it must be extremely hard to write one of these books (whats Marco doing these days?). I'll look forward to the next book whenever it may come!