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Thanks for the reply, I've been meaning to look into MVC within for a while (..I started my career as a java developer using MVC framework struts way back!) - its just sometimes hard due to time constraints to get out of your comfort zone of churning out apps based on the same framework using webforms! Whilst the previous books were based on webforms, I agree that better ways are constantly evolving for ASP.Net and I think this series should help steer the readers in the direction of those new best practices. Its easy to buy books on individual technical topics, but less easy to get a book like these on how to practically go from initial concept to deploying an application that would contain typical elements found in every app (an easier story to read that everyone can engage with), with all associated considerations and getting a sense of all the new stuff to leverage. As time moves on there are always newer versions of IIS/SQL server with new features to take advantage of, new 3rd party frameworks that can be leveraged, new .net features and frameworks/patterns, new browsers / mobile devices to consider - just a bewildering never ending range of things to consider (and try and stay informed of to even be aware of). I think the format of these books are good at at least furthering awareness of the best practice and new stuff of the day and distilling that into an approach to achieve a practical objective.