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Well, unfortunately its not just time to learn MVC which I agree is fairly straight forward to understand - it sometimes requires extra effort in change management to debate/review/justify/implement new standard architectures/frameworks for all developers to comply with within an organisation that is fairly rigid in its standard approach, on top of dealing with all the urgent crap of the day in an under resourced department which is the main time and effort. I'm not disagreeing with you about MVC which is a separate debate - I'm just trying to highlight the merits of the general approach of the PDS series in the hope it will continue. The fact that up till now the books chose webforms is just a detail. I agree it shouldn't be set in stone if there's now a better way that you clearly believe includes MVC, and would be a great chapter in the next version of the book describing the pros and cons of each as a design choice and justifying the choice of MVC. For me that's the main value of the book right there that makes it worth its weight in gold - how design choices are made to meet typical requirements and arrive at best practice solutions. I've bought tons of books over the years on particular topics but I've found this series by far the best value. Once you have the big picture view its then far easier for the reader to put everything into context and then drill down to source any extra information on particular topics outside the scope of the book as required.