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I realise it must be very hard to write and a lot of work. Maybe another idea would be to break it down into separate books - one main one that goes through a comprehensive architecture including the common elements found in every app (design patterns, structuring the code to enable team work / modular extensions, security options, layout options, styling options etc. Instead of building a fully fledged application for the book to try and cover all bases, this core book would just provide a basic app with example CRUD implementation on different devices, managing data from different sources. This book could then form the core application framework upon which each separate book in the series could then focus on a specific real world site type and associated typical feature sets -ie a book for building a blog, a book for e-commerce, a book for a company public site / intranet site, a book for optimising for phones etc etc. Each book in the range could just focus on typical features and how those feature sets would plug into the main framework described in the core book. If all books followed the same consistent PDS format and writing style - that would be my idea of the perfect range of books! Still a lot of work overall but would maybe enable quicker turnaround of individual books, enable separate authors with particular strengths to contribute and would cater to a wider audience.