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Originally Posted by Lee Dumond View Post
I hope to get most of the new ASP.NET 4 stuff in -- routing, ViewState optimization, ClientIDMode, Charting, new template features ofr rich controls, the new Menu control, the new Web Deployment model, etc.

You'll see a lot of C# 4.0 stuff in there too, along with quite a lot of LINQ to Objects and LINQ to Entities, and most of the new EF 4 features.

There will be extensive use of jQuery, both for DOM manipulation, and showing its usefullness an a client-side AJAX library.

I haven't really decided if I'm gonna use ASMX or WCF for services yet.

There are some other goodies thrown in there too. I show how to roll your own theme system that let's you associate client-side script with themes (that can be totally different on a theme-by-theme basis). There will also be a really extensive Administration module that will dig way into the Configuration API, and will let you do things like alter custom configuration attributes online.

Really just scratching the surface here though.
Could I ask when to release? yes, It will be great to bring WCF for services.
I think it can be separated in 2 books, as too much tehnologies bring.

And I just view the previous comments, it will be delayed?
I am pretty sure, I will be the first buyer. thanks for 2.0 version. Please ASAP