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Default iOS Programming, 2nd Edition


Tile: iOS Programming, 2nd Edition
Release date: June 2011
File size: 59.0 MiB | >>>> Part
Genre: Mobile Dev.
Pages: 590 pages
Publisher:Big Nerd Ranch
Print ISBN: 0321773772
Ebook ISBN: 978-0321773777

In this book, the world’s leading Apple platform development trainers offer a complete, practical, hands-on introduction to iPhone and iPad programming. The authors walk through all the Apple tools and technologies needed to build successful iPhone/iPad/iPod touch apps, including the iOS 4.3 SDK, the Objective-C language, Xcode 4, Foundation framework, and the classes that make up the iOS UI framework. The many topics covered in this book include:

Easily setting up elegant, efficient user interfaces with UIKit
Creating effective visuals, animation, and effects with Core Graphics and Core Animation
Making the most of the iOS multi-touch event handling and accelerometer data
Building location-aware iOS applications utilizing Core Location and MapKit
Localizing applications for international use
Creating applications that capture audio and play media
Storing data in files or with Core Data

New chapters added to this edition include:

iPad-friendly interfaces, including UIPopoverController and UISplitViewController
Blocks and Categories
Instruments and Xcode’s static analyzer
UIWebView and connecting with web servers
Push Notifications

iOS Programming also includes a handy Xcode Quick Reference Card that lists Xcode 4's most commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

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