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I am not able to access my web host remotely (localhost) and I don’t have a version of the code that runs locally.

All my connection strings point to my remote host. So my testing is to look for obvious bugs within my Web Developer, FTP up and then run things and see how it goes.

When I run within Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and set a breakpoint and press F5 and step through code, my DetailsView that comes up has several dropdownlist that are normally populated by accessing my remote database. Since under VWD I cannot remotely access my database, these dropdownlists remain unpopulated.

Upon pressing “Insert” my error is “Input string was not in correct format” and thus I never get to my breakpoint to see the value I am interested in if I attempt this under VWD.

Thus, my thought was to try and put the value in question into a Textbox under “live” conditions since that was the only way I could see to try and get a sense of the value in question.

My latest thought is:
  List<RoundOfGolf> roundsList = (from RoundOfGolf in db.RoundOfGolfs
                              where (RoundOfGolf.Customer_ID == customer && RoundOfGolf.Player_ID == player)
                              select RoundOfGolf).ToList();

       int recordsReturned = roundsList.Count();
…and then attempt to place the value of recordsReturned into something viewable within a page during the running of the app.
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