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1) I have copied my "Site" to another part of the C drive and called the folder LocalHost/Site.
2) Changed the connectionstrings in web.config to "SQLExpress..... (seems OK)"
3) Ctrl + F5 from login.aspx and login
4)Gives error, "keyword not supported, ....datasource"
5)So, in Management/Default.aspx.cs I put a breakpoint very early on. This file is called from login.aspx
6) Back to login.aspx and press F5
7) Add a watchpoint
8)As I step along F11
9) Early on in Default.aspx.cs is a call
GofDatabaseContext db = new GolfDatabaseContext();
10) Which in turn calls App_Code/GolfDatabase.dbml/GolfDatabase.designer.cs
11) Where it points early on to the first occurrance of:
public GolfDatabaseDataContext().............
12) The line above is:
private static System.Data.Linq.Mapping.MappingSource mappingSource = new AttributeMappingSource();
13)So, LINQ is the problem?
14) So lets reinstall ADO.NET Entity Data Model.
15) When I click the Add button I get, "Could not resolve mscorlib......." error that mentions .NET framework potentially having a problem.
16) So I have also reinstalled from library EntityFramework and also reinstalled .NET framework 4.0.
17) After a reboot my error about not supporting keyword "datasource" remains.

So my copying of hosted site version in an attempt to have a LocalHost version to work on is not working.

Is the above any help in making additional changes to local working version.
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