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Default I agree Chapter 12 missing from downloaded zip

I agree that Chapter 12 should be included that's what we paid for when we purchased the book. It was one of the reasons why I purchased the book. The title states: "Professional..." it should also be professional and if the code was not available at the time the book was on the shelf and email should be sent to registered book owners that there was a delay and the chapter is available. How do I know that after I type-in all the code it will work and not waste my time.

Disappointment in code:
I also found one other issue with the book, over all it's good it's my second book on this subject and a bit better then the other book I purchased on Android alone. When it comes to the new tablet platform with touch, swipe, pinch, zoom etc. how do we get these all to work together in one app. when the examples are minimized and not showing later in the book how these may work collectively together in a professional app. As a professional Flash /AS3 developer I'm sure I'll figure it out but it's a disappointment in the book.