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Default Claims Based example in chapter 9

I am following the example to build a Claims based sharepoint site as per the directions in Chapter 9. I have followed each step, downloaded the code example components and applied them to each of the web.config files for the website, the Central Admin and the shared services. Now:

Having made the changes (i.e., inserted each code example into the correct place in each of the corresponding web.config files) my Central Admin site no longer works, it fails to display with an HTTP error 500.19' The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid. '

in the config source section of the error description the listed error is:

365: <add name=”SQLConnectionString” connectionString=”data source=SQL;
366: Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=aspnetdb” />

Now, my questions:
Are these example code insertion pieces expected to work exactly as the are in the down load code example or am i supposed to make system specific changes to them? (i.e. SQL server name, system name, etc).

Has anyone else been able to get the code examples installed and running and did you have to make any specific changes to the code examples for them to work.

I am really excited about getting this all working so any help, answers, directions, etc. would be much appreciated. I am not a huge code expert, in fact not a code person at all so any tips needs to be very specific.

Prior to adding these code examples to each of the web.config files everything was working, i had created the site, could access it and could follow all of the directions with ease. Now, after making these changes neither the CA or the site work.

I look forward to, and would really appreciate, your help.