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Default Confusing book!


I'm on chapter 4, page 100, this is a mixture of a complaint and wanting advice. I have the NavigationApllication open from page 100 it then proceeds to talk about a customer class. Where does the Listings 4-2, 4-3 go? It says add a new class to your project named Customers, it never mentions so far a Customer project! Are we building a Silverlight application from scratch or just following along for the ride, I wish the authors(there's 3 of them) could give clear instructions on the objectives of the book, is it a reference book? Or are we step by step building this Silverlight application, really in this day and age please authors be clear about where you want your readers to go with the book, not confuse them. I am really dissapointed in the book, and have put it back on the shelf, and shall try other publishers Apress comes to mind.