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Default Please Define SDK

May I ask a really dumb question?: What is an SDK?

I know that it is a Software Development Kit, but it seems to suggest that it is something above and beyond things like Visual Studio and other forms of development systems.

I have Visual Studio V7.0 with support for C++, C#, VB etc. Can I not develop software with these tools? Does this not make Visual Studio a Software Development Kit? Yet it seems that to do certain things, I have to acquire things like the ".NET Framework SDK". Well, if I have the .NET Framework on my system AND Visual Studio V7.0, what does this SDK have in addition to this?

Sometimes I think an entire book could be written, dedicated to defining and de-mystifying all of the jargon and terms that are out there and sorting out what you need and why you need it if you want to be able to do certain things...

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds,