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Default Chapter 2 Draw and Mac/MAMP


I have been working through this book and it has caused me some issues. I was hoping to get a little help. First, I am on a MacBook Pro and for reasons beyond me I spent the last week trying to get nginx to actually install and work correctly. It has been a lot of trouble, but in the end it never worked right so I went with the easier MAMP setup.

So far so good and all the examples were working just fine up until Chapter 2. The Draw-Tracer app works very well, but the initial Draw app does not. The ontouchestart/ontouchmove events never get called so nothing draws. I even tried this in Chrome and used the excellent debug tools in Chrome to set break points and everything. I thought it was perhaps something in my typing, but that was not the case. I downloaded chapter 2 source and tried it there and the same problem. On FireFox 8, Chrome and Safari, the draw app shows nothing and looks like it isn't working. Lo and behold on the phone it works great and I see my drawing.

I don't know if this was because of something in MAMP? If so why does it work on the phone? I don't fully understand what is happening here, but without being able to test in the browsers and only seeing it work on the phone it makes debugging these apps very hard. Even my break points are not hit on the browser, but they get called on the phone.

Any ideas?
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