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I am sure to have plenty of questions but I will try to be careful and keep them related to the book above if I can.
Don't worry about it if you stray from the book's topics but please start a new thread for new questions so other people reading the posts can know what's in each post.

Code Obfuscation. I tend to work backwards sometime and this was another reason I stayed away from .NET so long. Is the code obfuscator that comes with VS2010 Pro good enough to keep your basic low level hacker from stealing your code?
I think it's probably good enough to stop the casual hacker or at least slow them down a lot. They turn all of your variables, method names, and other symbols into gibberish.

A really determined hacker may still figure out what you're doing but most of the time it's easier to rewrite the code from scratch based on the results you see when you use a program rather than trying to figure out what code you used.

And what happened to control arrays?
They're gone. Sorry.

However, you can make an array containing references to controls and do some of the same things. For example, you can then loop through a series of TextBoxes and clear them all.

Here's a small snippet:

Dim text_boxes() As TextBox = New TextBox() {txtFirstName, txtLastName}

For Each txt As TextBox In text_boxes
Next txt

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