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Originally Posted by Rod Stephens View Post
Moving from one .NET version to another you shouldn't need to edit too much. The versions are mostly forward-compatible so things should upgrade fairly easily.

There are some changes that make things a little easier in the newer versions. For example, the newer versions allow new syntax for initializing objects that are not available in the older versions. But the original versions should still work.

I would always keep copies of any images you use, however, in case you need them later. For example, I wouldn't add one to a PictureBox and then delete the original image file. Just in case...
Hi Rod,
In the end, my inexperience and a compiler conversion glitch got me. I learned from it so all is good. When I realized the converted version had the application.exit remarked out when the original did not, that made me wonder what other glitches the conversion may hold. Once I started over, no more mystery message, and that was the part I was concerned about. I need to take it one day at a time and study a lot more as I have some catching up to do. I am going to convert a large app I wrote so sometimes I ask questions about stuff that has me worried before I spend a lot of time and have what I would consider a major issue.

I always make backups of everything so I have that under control.
Happy Holidays and Thanks,
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