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Hi droidus
First line 39 of MainActivity should be:
Intent i = new Intent("com.Android.ACTIVITY2");
Activity should be in caps.
Also my Eclipse complains about the @Override in activity 2 & 3 at line 39 in 2
and line 23 in 3. This is just before the 'public void onClick(View view)' line.
They should be removed if eclipse says there is an error.
Other than that it runs.
It would seem that you have an error in your eclipse set up. Did you follow the instructions in the book when you set it up? None of the errors I get look anything like what you have posted.
If you still have a problem, tell us exactly what you are doing. What you have highlighted and how you start the program.
What I do is select the package name or MainActivity in the package explorer and press the 'run' button or the 'debug' button.
Do Not select the manifest or anything in layout.

Hope this helps
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