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Default Chapter 3 Nested Layout Pages

Nesting Layout Pages (TRY IT OUT starting page 62)

MainLayout.cshtml will run referencing (using) _MainLayout.cshtml just fine, however both Automation.cshtml and Electronics.cshtml give me the error: "name 'Renderbody' does not exist in the current context."

I suspect it's an "obvious" file linking error I'm just missing, because MainLayout.cshtml runs just fine, so why can't the other two find @Renderbody? I also suspect MainLayout.cshtml runs because it has more HTML code to RENDER the page than the other two, which might be part of my problem.

I found errata on page 64 in #8 where there's a missing semicolon at the end of "Layout...cshtml";" That fixed and asside, I cannot otherwise seem to figure out what's wrong here.

Here's a copy and paste of my code for _ElectronicsLayout.cshtml, ...

Layout = "~/Shared/_MainLayout.cshtml";

<div id="electronicsnav">
<a href="Products">Products</a> <br/>
<a href="Services">Services</a> <br/>
<a href="Support">Support</a> <br/>
<a href="Team">Team</a> <br/>
<div id="electronics">
@Renderbody( )
<div id="footer">The Electronics Division Footer</div>


Here's the code for Electronics.cshtml which references _ElectronicsLayout.cshtml (above code)...


Layout = "~/Shared/_ElectronicsLayout.cshtml";
Page.Title = "Electronics";
<h3>Electronics Home Page</h3>

Added here after initial posting!
Could it be that Automation.cshtml and Electronics.cshtml are looking for Page.title?

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