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Default DropDownList.SelectedValue - NOT working

I have databinded some values from a Sql 2005 database table into a dropdown list.
My problem is in trying to get the selected value from the dropdown list so I can use it.
What is happening is that I am only getting the selected index of the selected value in the dropdown list. But I want to get the selected value NOT the selected index. My codes are as below:

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlCountry" runat="server" Width="255px" TabIndex="11"
DataSourceID="ds_Countries" DataTextField="CountryName"
DataValueField="CountryId" AppendDataBoundItems="True" AutoPostBack="True">
<asp:ListItem>Please Select Country</asp:ListItem>
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="ds_Countries" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:MyPeopleConnectionString1 %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT [CountryId], [CountryName] FROM [Countries] ORDER BY [CountryName]">

Private Function CollectUserContactDetails() As UserContactDetail

Dim ucd As New UserContactDetail

ucd.Postcode = Me.txtPostcode.Text.Trim()

ucd.Country = Me.ddlCountry.SelectedValue ‘Not working

ucd.HomeTelephoneNumber = Me.txtHomeTelephone.Text
ucd.WorkTelephoneNumber = Me.txtWorkTelephone.Text
ucd.MobileNumber = Me.txtMobileNumber.Text

Return ucd

End Function
Any help will be highly appreciated.