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Originally Posted by whjones View Post
Aloha again Gordio,
Thank you for your response. I'll continue driving on then. That was my assumption, but I just wanted to verify that. Actually, I really, really like this book. He not only give the code necessary to build the app, but also takes the time to explain what is going on. This is one of the best programming books I've read. I can do a lot of things with Objective-C, but I do need the hand-holding when it comes to understanding how to write games - that's something I've not done before.
I totally agree. My background: I'm not a programmer. I've tried learning C++ or javascript years ago on my own while in college, and even recently. It was frustrating and I gave up. This is the first programming book I actually finished. I used to blame myself for not being able to learn the code, but the fact this book made sense to me proves it hadn't been me who failed. The books I have tried just sucked! This book is responsible for 99% of the code I know. I hope the author writes more programming books (or adds a second edition to this book). This is the least intimidating programming book I've ever read.
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