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Default I guess the question that I have then is.....

Originally Posted by Imar View Post
Pfff, what a long story for a question like "Hey, how do I filter a GridView. You almost lost me half way down the question.

Anyway, take a look here:

In addition, take a look at Filtering Data on page 446 and further. It's not as advanced as the QueryExtender control but it may be enough in many cases.The example shows one drop down, but it can easily be extended with more, or other controls.


If I have four drop down list boxes used to filter data to a gridview, which are selected radomly by the user to display the data that the user wants to see displayed in the gridview, do I set all four drop down list box properties to enable postback = true? I think that is where I was really getting confused about the whole issue. Because once you make a selection in the list box and the post back enabled property is equal to true it immediately pulls back the information and puts the filtered data into the gridview to be displayed does it not? Please correct me if I am wrong about this. In this particular instance you don't want to post back until the user is ready to make the filter selection(s) for the data that user wants to be displayed in the gridview based on what the user has or has not chosen in the multiple listboxes is that not correct?

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