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Default TFS Thinks code checked out by current user?

Two files in a project, a class and web.config, show up in Solution Explorer as being checked out by ME. IOW, they have the human icon next to them rather than the check mark I'd normally expect when I have checked out some module. I've tried to check these modules in and it says there are no changes to check in. I then tried making a minor change to each. I've also tried "Get Latest". But the human icon keeps showing up for these two files athough they were checked out by somebody other than me?

Complicating things: this project was originally part of a larger solution. Something weird happened to it and I was suddenly unable to compile any of the forms; it was throwing some strange error about being unable to load the form in the browser, although no compilation errors were thrown in the IDE (such as might be expected in a misspelling in the CodeBehind tag of the page directive.) So I created a whole new project outside the existing solution (because the same problem was occuring for all newly created Forms, too), moved all the code to it, and then moved the new project into the old Solution, removing the old project. And TFS would not let me rename the new project to the same name as the old project. It works again, except for whatever is causing these two modules to appear as though they were checked out by somebody other than me.

Does anybody have anything to suggest trying short of recreating the entire solution?

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