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Default Problem passing through sessions


I am working on chapter 2 of beginning php,mysql and apache - moviesite.php and movie1.php. I am now working on Passing variables through sessions. I have cut and past the code (which I downloaded from the wrox site) for both php files (therefore if the code is coming from the source, it surely must be ok).

Every time I click the hyperlink: "click here to see information...." on the movie1.php, it should return:

Welcome to our site Joe 12345
My favourite movie is Life of Brian
My movie rating for this movie is : 5

However (even when I use the code from the book) No session information is passed at all, and all I get is:

My favorite movie is Life of Brian
My movie rating for this movie is: 5

I have checked the registered globals are off (they are) and made sure the php.ini file "session_save_path" is pointing to the C:/temp (which it is).

Does anybody no whats wrong or what I am doing wrong? I basically can't progress through the book until I resolve the problem as the next section uses sessions and cookies, and It won't work if the sessions don't work.


Kind regards
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