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Default Pop Up Window crashes browser


Weve got a javascript function on our website that opens a popup window. Within the popup window is a dynamic flash movie, basically its a streaming flash mp3 player.

You can view this at and clicking on any of the Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi links.

The problem that weve got is that if you have listened to a few different tracks, i.e. by closing and reopening the flash window the browser sometimes crashes. At this point we cant conclude whether its the Javascript that opens the window that is crashinbg the browser or whether its the flash movie.

The javascript is :

<a href="#" class="BlackSmallText" onClick="'../testplayer/player.asp?player=low&id=46&type=2','PLAYER','widt h=286,height=121');"> link </a>

Has anyone heard of javascript crashing the browser like this before,a nd if so does anyone know of a fix.

Thanks in advance

Al Higgs