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I am probably not the one to answer your question in full but to begin with let me give you some advice so the professionals of this forum may respond:-

1) Your post makes no sense. When you say "click button above" I assume you mean the Link above since I cannot see any button here and you have used an <a>etc</a> structure. Even this structure is incorrect since you are missing the closing </a> tag.

2) I also notice that you have not correctly closed off other tags and therefore you are going to get multiple errors anyway.

3) Overall the biggest issue with your post is that you have not explained what the issue is that you are having. You have said that "I'm trying to click the button above" but what does that mean? Do you want to make a cup of tea? Do you want to display some data? what?

It seems that you are trying to run some JScript from this link (this is where I am not qualified to help you) but you have to explain this in full for someone to help you further.

Good luck,